We are a Healthy Venue!

Since January 2023, World Forum The Hague has joined the Healthy Venues family, being the first in the Netherlands to have obtained the accreditation, and the 9th of the world. Healthy Venues is a quality mark accredited by the World Obesity Federation.

The accreditation encourages venues to provide healthy options to visitors and employees, and thus to minimize the negative health impacts of event-going. We are committed to providing delegates and event organizers with healthy eating and promoting physical activity. Please read more about our Healthy Venue here.

persbericht We are a Healthy Venue - World Forum The Hague

‘’World Forum The Hague is a venue with endless possibilities and fifty years of experience in organizing events! We always work from our focal points: Safety & Security, Vitality, Sustainability, and Education. Vitality is a central and important part of conferences. We facilitate the continuation and improvement of a healthy lifestyle with our vitality program. Our food & beverage has also been adapted to this so our guests feel fitter during the conference, they can store more information and they go home energized. The well-being of our guests and our team is our priority, and we are proud to be a Healthy Venue!’’ says our deputy manager and director of operations Marije Bouwman.