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We worked with the World Forum for over two years to plan a symposium as a follow-on to one held at a smaller venue four years prior. Our ambitions for this conference were much larger than before and the World Forum were superb in working with us to offer solutions and alternatives for all our many needs and requirements. Not only that, but the experience of working with the whole team both before the event, over a period of two years including staff changes, and on site was very easy and pleasant. The whole team went out of their way to make sure that any issues (of which there were very few due to great preparation on their side) were quickly resolved and that organisers and delegates needs and wishes were met. Not only that, but they were flexible and gracious in continuing to accommodate and facilitate our conference with no difference in service levels despite also having to manage a last minute state visit with less than 48hours notice to take place at the same time! Overall working with the World Forum was fantastic, the venue itself has everything you need, but the staff and attention to detail are what make the difference to the whole experience.

Bryony Stentiford, IRC Wash, Head | IRC's Growth Hub

We hosted one of our flagship events at The World Forum in 2022. It was an international conference aimed at bringing together 1.500 of the most important business decisionmakers in Europe. The feedback we received both internally and externally was phenomenal, with many compliments about the venue and staff. During the entire process it's been a pleasure to work with World Forum, they've been extremely professional, patient, and delivered a high service level. The great collaboration between SAP, World Forum, and our agency made for a seamless experience.

Wessel Voets, SAP Netherlands, Marketing Director

Our kick-off event at WORLD FORUM The Hague could not have been better. We were facing a tight timeline, switching requirements until the end and very high expectations to fulfil for this exciting project. With your continuous support and pro-active solution finding for any challenging situation, you and your team were a fundamental component to this successful event. We are all aware that turning an idea into a positive live experience again after some time, is not easy, but you made it look like it was.

, VOK DAMS Events GmbH

"The World Forum is a crisis management standard-setter in its industry. This is evident from its long, strong preparedness and performance record around such high-profile events as the Nuclear Security Summit, World Press Freedom Conference, Global Entrepreneurship Summit, UN meetings and the Ukraine Accountability Conference. What I really like is that they don't just put their readiness emphasis around those big VIP-heavy events: they truly pay attention to all clients, visitors and events, big and small. That's their approach, and their hidden strength."

Glenn Schoen , Crisis & Security Management Expert