The Nuclear Security Summit 2014 (NSS), 58 world leaders, 5.000 delegates and 3.000 members of the press. The Hague took the centre of the world stage for several days, when world leaders gathered in the International City of Peace and Justice to attend the largest government summit ever held in The Netherlands. Despite extreme security measures necessary to ensure the safety of the world leaders, The Hague and World Forum demonstrated that it is capable of flawlessly organizing a conference of this magnitude. When world stage politics demanded immediate action, the G7 world leaders met during an additional summit that was initiated and meticulously organized at the very last minute.

53 countries

On the 24th and 25th of March 2014 a total of 53 countries and 58 world leaders came together during the Nuclear Security Summit (NSS). At the congress agreements were made about nuclear material and prevention measures regarding terrorism. The delegates also looked at agreements made in 2012, which improvements should be applied and put together an ambitious plan for the future.

Take a look at the video about the Nuclear Security Summit 2014 below.

During the NSS World Forum The Hague was provided with branding around and inside the building. A unique way to shape your event and give visitors a grandiose experience.

Hosting the World!