World Forum The Hague offers several services. As a full-service venue we can offer our help with every aspect of your event.

We’d love to give you an impression of the services at World Forum The Hague. Please contact our Sales Office or the project manager helping with your event if you are looking for more information.

Food & Beverage

The Food & Beverage department of World Forum The Hague is completely dedicated to Vitality. Together with our partners we offer a vital experience to your guests. At World Forum The Hague we believe in making everyone’s lifestyle a little bit healthier. That’s why we developed a unique vitality strategy. We work together with Richard de Leth with whom we compiled our menu’s and offer an activity program in collaboration with Club Mondain. Drs. Richard de Leth is a vitality expert and changemaker in food related to health and well being. Together with Richard de Leth, World Forum went on a voyage of discovery to investigate what the conference guest needs to experience a conference energetically. Proper nutrition is essential to maintain concentration and attention even after a meal. In this way it gives every delegate the opportunity to continue a healthy lifestyle during the conference. Please take a look at our video about vitality.


The AV department of World Forum is ready to support your event in the area of audiovisual and is a separate department with it’s own equipment and technicians. The AV department has a sales team as well as operational team. This way the department can be effortlessly included in the event right from the start.

There is a floor manager present during every event who, if necessary, can be contacted directly. Our equipment is up to date. At World Forum we work with a group of technicians that all have their own specialism in video, audio, light and CIT.

Unique about World Forum is the enormous infrastructure that can send audio and video signals throughout the building. Because of this we can create an overflow room with a minimum amount of resources. Our equipment is of high quality and the service we offer is tailored to your event. As an extra service we can set up a narrow casting network and provide a (television) screen and signage on 120 places in the whole building. It is also possible to use a speaker room with complete facilities like video conference and webcasting. We make sure that your experience with audiovisual techniques is optimum at all time.


As a full-service venue World Forum The Hague supports you in the branding of our location. World Forum has a lot of possibility’s and can be completely ‘transformed’ into the corporate identity of your event. Our project managers love to help you with this aspect. Please take a look at our showcases of the Nuclear Security Summit and Honeywell to get an impression of our service ‘Branding’.

Expo Service

With more than 12.000 square meter of expo space, support for your ‘expo area’ could be wished. At World Forum The Hague we offer a special expo service. This way the logistics, for example, can be arranged into details for you. Your project manager loves to explain the expo service to you!


Do you want to transform our event location into a complete experience, arranged to the last detail and in the corporate identity of your event? That’s possible! The decoration possibility’s are endless. Together with our partners we will take a look at your wishes and needs and prepare a proposition. Do you want to take a look at the decoration possibility’s at World Forum? Please take a look at the video of the Global Entrepreneurship Summit.


We believe that sharing knowledge goes hand in hand with experience. Together with our partners World Forum The Hague created an unique offer of entertainment for events. Our project managers would love to send you the possibility’s and think along about finding a fitting entertainment element to your event in our building.

Speakers and day chairman’s

In the congress and event branch sharing knowledge is crucial. Speakers and day chairman’s can play a big part in this. In fifty years time we saw a lot of established and talented speakers at World Forum The Hague. We’d love to bring you in contact with speakers or day chairmans to create an optimum knowledge experience for your visitors.