World Forum The Hague and Haagse Zwam collaborate in creating tasty vegetarian bitterballen from used coffee grounds

Every day more than 2 billion cups of coffee are consumed across the globe. Most of the coffee grounds used to make those cups are thrown away, with six million tonnes sent to landfill every year.

World Forum The Hague is always looking to see how as a venue they can further reduce impact on the environment. This is when the opportunity to collaborate with the company Haagse Zwam was to good an opportunity to miss. World Forum The Hague and the company Haagse Zwam are developing an exciting process to collect and recycle all of our spent coffee grounds and will turn what would normally be waste into a great fertilizer to grow oyster mushrooms.

These mushrooms will then be processed into a ragout that is used to make a tasty vegetarian snack: bitterballen World Forum will then serve these scrumptious bites to our customers. In addition to a wonderful circular initiative, this is also based on social responsibility, because the entire production and overall management at the Haagse Zwam is arranged by people with a distance to the labour market.