Think People

World Forum wants to offer employees a professional and safe working evironment in which they can grow and derive satisfaction from the work in order to optimally support clients. The World Forum is also commited to a good future for young people in society.


World Forum is a partner of JINC, a national organisation that prepares students for their choice of study.
The partnership with JINC is a implementation of social involvement and an investment in the talent of young people. World Forum provided internships and coaching programs to give young people the opportunity to discover and develop their talents.

War Child

World Forum has been War Childs’ Business Friend for years. We have conscious decided to associate ourselves with War Child because the ambitions of this organisation are very much in line with the vision and values of World Forum. We are committed to contributing War Child in various ways.

Vitality Program

The World Forum aims to make vitality a central and important part of conferences. Nowadays people are consciously concerned with health. The World Forum therefore facilitates the continuation and improvement of a healthy lifestyle with this vitality program. Power walking, yoga and running are among the options on offer. The food & beverage range has also been adapted to this, so that the visitor feels fitter during the conference, stores more information and does not go home completely exhausted. Menus specially developed by Richard de Leth have been put together for this purpose. drs. Richard de Leth is a specialist in health management and a game changer when it comes to vitality and health.