World Forum The Hague implements NineID as the world's first conference location

World Forum The Hague and NineID have entered into a collaboration. As a result, they now represent the first conference location in the world using NineID’s platform. This security technology enables the conference location to further optimise security and access to the building.

World Forum The Hague has always maintained a strong focus on Safety & Security and has continuously invested in new technologies and processes to ensure the safety of its visitors. Implementing NineID is the final step, underlining World Forum The Hague’s commitment to the safety and security of its guests, team and suppliers.

NineID ensures that all necessary information such as training, security checks, permits, IDs and certificates are collected from visitors, contractors and employees before they visit the site. When a person is verified, access to the building is granted through biometric facial authentication, QR code scanning or mobile phone authentication.

World Forum’s implementation of NineID’s platform has contributed to their position as the most secure event venue worldwide. The platform’s ability to pre-collect and efficiently manage visitor information has reduced the risk of unauthorised access and any other potential security risks.

Marije Bouwman, Deputy General Manager, Director of Operations, Safety & Security World Forum The Hague. “We are proud to be the first conference location in the world to implement NineID. Safety & Security has been our main focus for over ten years and we are known worldwide as the location where highly secured events can safely take place. To maintain that position one must keep developing. The system not only provides greater security and convenience for our external visitors when accessing our site, in fact it also ensures faster and more efficient response to potential incidents. We are convinced that NineID is an important step in ensuring the safety of our team, our guests and our suppliers.”

The collaboration between NineID and World Forum The Hague means a new standard for safety and security in the events industry.

“Enabling a safer and more secure world is our core mission at NineID. Through our partnership with World Forum The Hague, we have transformed access flows for event locations. Together, we are redefining industry standards, making a lasting global impact on event safety and security.” – Roy Jeunen, Co-Founder of NineID comments.

Marije Bouwman: “For us it is the ultimate form of hospitality. We welcome so many different guests to our ‘house’, so one must be able to guarantee a safe environment.”

Nine ID x World Forum