World Forum The Hague has developed a new way of meeting, suitable for a diverse number of participants and offers an extra experience through online participation. Online participation in events is all about connecting participants during the event, both 'live' and 'online.' The number of online participants has no limit, this is the strength of this product.

In World Forum The Hague, this product has room for an infinite number of online visitors. Due to the possibility to participate online, there are no limits, as well as lock downs or restrictions. The number of visitors who are present live is always in line with the current government standard. There is no need to be present ‘live’ – with online participation, visitors will get fully engaged with an event. When asked whether online participation will actually replace the physical participation, Michiel Middendorf, General Manager replies: “Certainly not, it is an addition, a reinforcement, a good option to bring many people together in a world where this is not always possible. it goes without saying that there is more to offer.”

The experience of an online participant

Visitors of an event go to a special webpage dedicated to the event in World Forum The Hague and can immediately see who is online and on-site, can chat and network. Visitors participate in all sessions, they vote during a live voting and can ask questions directly during the sessions and even come on stage with their own questions or comments. An online help desk is available during the whole online experience. The participants really experience the event, but online. It goes far beyond hybrid, live-streaming and webcasting. Online participation takes all participants, on-site or online, into the same culture, communication and emotion. Take a look at our online participation experience.

Why does World Forum The Hague believe so strongly in this? Michiel Middendorf: “In the near future, the (inter)national congress attendees will be given the option to take part in an event live or online. But this is only the beginning. There have been excellent online conferences and even trade fairs for years. But how do you create the same experience for an online visitor? The optimal mix is a live event in which online participants can actively participate. We see this moving everywhere in the market and we have now developed a good basis for this to start and will continue to develop it in the near and distant future. The name of this product – “Online Participation” – goes to the heart of the product: involving the participant in a lively and interactive way in what is going on live and thus giving both online and live participants the same experience during an event.”

Worldwide connection

World Forum The Hague also believes in global connection through this product. Kirsten Vosmer, Commercial Manager: “In addition, thanks to our worldwide network of 50 venues of GL events, such an experience can be further expanded by uniting various regional meetings in South America, China and Europe online. Considering the time slots when the different time zones allow this. This way you can still facilitate a worldwide meeting despite a changing vision of the future.”


Safety is also very important during this new form of meetings. World Forum The Hague has taken various precaution measures for the visitors of your event in the areas of routing, furniture and decoration, capacities and setups, catering and hygiene. All the measures taken are in accordance with the RIVM guidelines and the official Protocol Business Meetings by Eventplatform.