Stay fit!

World Forum The Hague presents the new Vitality Program for congresses. Basic and
tailor-made programs to energize your event.

At World Forum vitality is a central and important part of conferences. We facilitate the continuation and improvement of a healthy lifestyle with our new vitality program and specially developed menu.

  • Raise the energy throughout the event
  • Healthy food and beverage options
  • Support delegates to stay fit
  • Increase engagement
  • Provide accessible activities to join

Go for a run!
Keep the energy high and go for a power walk, run in the morning, yoga session or meditation during your event. Our F&B has also been adapted to this so you feel fitter during the conference, you can store more information and you go home energized!

Good food
Our menu is specially developed by Dutch vitality coach Richard de Leth and have been put together for this purpose. Drs. Richard de Leth is a specialist in health management and a game changer when it comes to vitality and health.

More information about our Vitality Program?
Contact information:
T. +31 (0)70 306 63 66