Complete your visit at World Forum Theater with an intermission package or pre-theater dinner.

Enjoy a snack or drink before, during or after the show.

World Forum Theater offers three possibility for food and drinks during your theater visit.

We’d like to invite you to our World Café! The place where you can enjoy a drink before, during or after the show.

Do you want to savor a healthy snack? Order Our Intermission Package! Next to a drink of choice (including soft drinks, beer or wine) you can enjoy a plate with a selection of healthy snacks that are inspired on vitality, one of the focal points of the company. The Intermission Package can be reserved until two days before the show.

You can also order a Pre-Theater dinner at with several performances. Take a look the menu here. The Pre-Theater dinner is €34,95 per person and can be booked until two days before the show.

If there are no Pre-Theater dinners available you can visit one of the restaurants within walking distance of World Forum Theater.

Please take a look at the page Food & Drinks for all possibility’s.