Guidelines and measures Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment

World Forum The Hague carefully monitors government advice on preventing and identifying spread of the corona virus. The current advice of the Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment is for people to follow the standard guidelines set for prevention of the spread of viruses.

These guidelines consist of frequently washing your hands, sneezing in the pits of the elbow instead of the hands and making use of handkerchiefs. World Forum The Hague supports these guidelines set for individuals by providing hand detergent on strategic places throughout the building. Additionally, World Forum has taken measures to sanitise the ventilation system which serves to provide the building with fresh air as the virus is airborne.

Furthermore, our first aid office stands in direct contact with the authorities regarding the corona virus. We would like to advice the guest organisations to announce to their visiting delegates that those who experience flu-like symptoms (such as a fever and/or a cold) and those who experience difficulties with their respiratory system, should not visit the event.

Rest be assured that World Forum The Hague, through its years of expertise in the field of safety and security, has the correct measures in place and effectively cooperates with the respective authorities, to timely respond to any related incidents.

Merle Sijpenhof – CPO
Security & Safety Manager / Operations